"Seek the Lord and his strength; seek his presence continually!"
1 chronicles 16:11

Taken at the San diego Mission on my honeymoon July 2012. It probably wasn’t too smart to make my name Bucarey on here since that is no longer my name. However, there is really only one Monica Bucarey (which I still consider to be myself) so I’m still okay with that being my name.

Another religious tangent

So I wrote this about a year and a half ago. I found it as I was lurking around my documents. I used to write so much and now I hardly ever write. I miss writing though, I really do. Especially poetry but, I feel as though I’ve lost my knack. Nursing school has sucked the life out of me. Well, anyway here it is. Just a normal tangent of mine. nothing special really.


American, When was the last time you heard someone explode on a person for talking about their unbelief in God?

Now I’m not talking about the nerdy Christian girl in your science class. I’m talking a nice, respectful person being scolded and humiliated publically for saying, I’m an atheist. You maybe have seen it but it’s not common. Not in California anyway.

I’m a nursing student in me preliminary courses. One of my classes I’m in is Nursing assessment and skills. We’re learning about how to perform a head-to-toe body assessment of a patient. naturally, we are going over a brief overview of all body systems. My teacher is a big old burly germen lady who is the definition of TOUGH. Every time she gets to talking about a fascinating part of a body system such as the fact that our hearts have back up cells throughout them to take over pumping the heart if our main point that sends out impulses should fail. (the dumbed down version of ectopic foci). So anyways, everytime she gets to talking about a magnificent aspect of the body she always has to start off by saying “Now who ever made us must have been a smart cookie because…” and then she tells us something about how our bodies are able to survive. And she says that same line beforehand, every single time. Every single time she says that I sit there and think, ohh no, I hope no one gets pissed off that she said that, she is allotting to the fact the “some one” made us. But after giving this some thought, I really should be thinking, I wish she would just say that God is all knowing and an uncompressible amount of intelligence and when he made us, he was way freakin smarter than you and he gave us ways to survive.

The human body is amazing. All atheist scientists and modern medicine take away credit to just how capable our bodies are of some truly incredible things.

Its funny to me when I think about how people of all ages are allowed to talk about their unbelief in God in front of ANYONE they choose, they’re allowed to slander the creator of the universe who made everything and everyone (which includes themselves oddly enough) and they can do all of this and no one is supposed to be offended because its all about equality, science, rights, open mindedness to believe what you want to believe.

So, to restate the point of my last paragraph, someone is allowed to openly state they’re disbelieve in God in front of anyone, but yet if someone tries to do just the opposite, NO, NOW THAT’S NOT OKAY.

They say the issue is being accepting of one another. But yet if my teacher was to give credit to God almighty for making us she would get scolded. Even if she stated “its my belief” before talking about God, nope. That’s still not okay. So using logic here, If we’re fighting for freedom, rights, and acceptance than everyone should be allowed to talk OPENLY and FREELY about their belief or disbelief in God right? But we see clearly that is not that case. What is it we’re fight for then?

Lets use easy logic people. Put your bias aside for a sec, (if I haven’t already lost you). We’re not allowed to talk about our belief in God or him creating us. But we’re allowed to openly talk about our unbelief in God and our creation outside of him……. Hmmm…….. sounds to me like we’re fighting over God! Not rights, acceptance science or equality. I mean can we all agree that the battle seems to be more over God than it does open-mindedness?

Same thing with gay “rights”. They’re teaching that the issue is, we need to be open, accepting and supportive of homosexuals and their “rights” to marry. But. But but but butbut. But, We’re not allowed to hold to our belief in NOT supporting that sin. (practicing homosexuality) side note: if you argue that homosexuality is not a sin, you need to get real and read the bible for what it is. Lying, steeling, sleeping with anyone but your spouse or sleeping with the same sex. It’s all sin. So lets just call a duck, a duck. Its one sidedness is what it is. Everyone but the Christian is allowed to hold whatever believe they want… now tell me again who is being “intolerant”?.

If everyone is allowed to hold his or her own beliefs than why am I constantly being put down for mine? Because I’m a chauvinist ? or a cruel person who likes to hate people? Because I take the work of God literally and I believe in only its one true authorial intent? Sorry for wanting to follow the words of the God who made all things including our ungrateful, intellectual, all knowing “open minds”… how smart we are.

I know its very obvious that this will make zero sense and sound stupid to a non Christian and that’s because its supposed to. In the meantime, I’m still going to sit and ponder why people who do believe in God give into the world instead of saying “God made us”.

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Every 3 hours a child is murdered…………….. wait.

Lets read that again……………………………………………………………………………………………………………. every 3 hours.

Today I saw a cop give a homeless man a ticket. He was standing on the edge of the freeway with a sign asking for money. from what i saw, he didn’t do anything wrong prior to getting the ticket. wtf.


(some time when ppl wore old clothes…. so idk like) 1920

(some time when ppl wore old clothes…. so idk like) 1920

2011 …………… lolz

2011 …………… lolz


Khyzyl Saleem (UK) - via DesignersCouch


Khyzyl Saleem (UK) -
via DesignersCouch

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Everyone needs to watch this video. It brought me to tears. ……….. 3 times 

LA Zoo <3